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Kuena School of Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training is held four times annually on Kona side of The Big Island Hawaii. Kuena is a yoga rooted in Hatha,Integral, and Iyengar traditions and principles, created as a method to help serve all levels of practitioners with a strong focus on developmentally disadvantaged populations.  With this intensive 21 Day  training program you’ll integrate yoga science into your daily life and develop your physical,mental, and spiritual self's greatest capacity.

2016 Teacher Training in Kona
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Yoganics Hawaii Limited

Inspiring Yoga and Eco Fashions for All

Yoganics Hawaii Limited is located in the quaint and historic Hawaiian town of Kainaliu on the Big Island of Hawaii.Yoganics is your one-stop shop for all things organic and a place for the community to come together while learning ways to become more balanced, active, and harmonious with ourselves, each other, and our mother Earth. Come in for a yoga class in our newly remodeled studio or to check out our Eco-Fashion Boutique!

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